:: the snares penguin project

The Team

Season 2002


Thomas 2002Thomas Mattern

Snares penguin foraging ecology
PhD student (Zoology), University of Otago. Has worked on Little penguins before. One of the first researcher trying to study penguin foraging behaviour using GPS data loggers. As such must be considered either utterly naive or totally crazy.


Dave 2002Dave Houston

Co-Investigator, DOC representative
Dave is “Mr. Penguin”. Dave is usually involved in anything penguin in New Zealand, and is DOC officer as well as driving force in a lot of penguin research projects. He has a extensive experience with the New Zealand penguins and without him this project would never have happened.


Season 2003


Thomas 2003Thomas Mattern

Foraging ecology, penguin behaviour (aggression)
PhD student (Zoology), University of Otago. Disappeared to work on Humboldt penguins in Chile (with Ursula, see below) after the disastrous data outcome of Season 2002. Nevertheless crazy enough to give it a whirl with new GPS data loggers.


Ursel 2003Ursula Ellenberg

Human impact, penguin behaviour (aggression)
PhD student (Zoology), University of Otago. Fresh over from Chile where she studied the influence of human disturbance on the endangered Humboldt penguin. Also successfully campaigned against commercial exploitation of a Chilean Nature Reserve.


Dave, Snares 2003Dave Houston

Co-Investigator, DOC representative
Still “Mr. Penguin” and all of the above (see Season 2002). Also the guy behind the most popular penguin website near and far Obviously he knows a lot about computers which is very handy when it comes to logger programming.


Season 2004


Thomas, Snares 2004Thomas Mattern

Foraging ecology
PhD student (Zoology), University of Otago. Still trying to get theSnares penguin data he had dreamt of years ago. This time it is looking really good – the GPS loggers are working and the combined forces with Katta (see below) effectively doubles the number of devices available for the foraging study. Hence, high hopes and high spirits.


Katta, Snares 2004Katrin “Katta” Ludynia

Foraging Ecology
PhD student (Zoology), University of Kiel, Germany. Has worked on a variety of seabirds in Chile (such as Kelp gulls, boobies and penguins) and has a smile that makes the dullest day seem like fun.


Alvin, Snares 2004Alvin Setiawan

PhD (Zoology). Just finished his PhD on Yellow-eyed penguins and is the first Indonesian to set foot on the island. Is an extremely bright and inspirational guy and as such much more a co-researchers than the ‘field assistant’ he signed on for.