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10 October 2002

Rain and Leopard

I woke up this morning from the constant crackle of heavy rain on the hut’s tin roof. Dave arrived for breakfast in full gear, dripping wet. The 20 meters from the lower hut up to the main hut were enough to soak him good. Nobody was too keen to get out and a about in [...]

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09 October 2002

Fake pastry & a cargo haul through carnage

“Good morning. How are you?” Dave’s voice entered my dreams of giant sea lions chasing me on my way to the toilet. Strangely, it did not sound as if Dave was inside the hut. When I opened my eyes I could see that indeed he wasn’t. Melanie was still rolled up in her sleeping back [...]

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08 October 2002

Black & white colonies

Our first full day on the island, and quite busy it was too. After a hearty breakfast we all geared up. Dave jumped into his waterproof pants and almost knee high gumboots. I looked at him in disbelief… outside we had clear a blue sky and sunshine that would make any summer’s day appear rather [...]

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07 October 2002

At long last… arrival

Almost two weeks since our scheduled arrival on the Snares, we managed to get here today. Finally. I thought we’d never make it. But according to Jason, the skipper of the Foveaux Express, there was a “window of opportunity” today, a break in the weather before the next front blows through. It was an early [...]

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