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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snares Penguin Book Chapter – Day 2

Hardly any work done today. Finished the first draft of the taxonomy section. Think I nailed Christidis and Boles (“Snares penguins are Fiordland penguins”) quite satisfactorlily. The old problem of theoreticians analysing sterile data without really thinking about the worl out there. I really wonder why taxonomists never consider life history traits when they re-categorize the animal kingdom. But I definitley gotta sleep over my argumentation a few nights. Started gathering popultion data. Quite nice to find that the report I bought online from theis antique bookshop actually had Snares penguin population assessments that neither Williams nor Marchant & Higgings have heard about. Hope Dave gets back to me with the latest census results.

Spent most of the afternoon messing around in the garden; quite warm outside.

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