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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snares Penguin Book Chapter – Day 1

Started work on the book chapter for the upcoming IUCN penguin book. It’s always difficult to get going, that blank page in my word processor always haunts me. But it kicked off okay. Spent most of the morning assembling biometric data from various sources by lunchtime I had about enough of flipper lengths, bill depths and egg weights. Finished the data assembly in the afternoon and started working on the species description. After about half and hour I had

The Snares penguin is a medium-sized crested penguin with a height of about 51-61cm.

on my screen. Rats.

So I decided to have a go at the taxonomy section in the evening. Made some good progress althougth I misunderstood a crucial bit which I was about to reproduce utterly wrong. Good that Ursula had a glance over my shoulder. Unfortunately it also threw a spanner in my argumentative works. Rats, again. Stopped a few minutes shy of midnight. Settled down to a glass of red and watching an episode of Californication.

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